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Produced by the European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP)

National Tobacco Control News

FINLAND: Philip Morris Forced to Incinerate 20 Million Cigarettes

ITALY: Number of Smokers in Italy Declines

SPAIN: Seven Out of Ten Spaniards in Favour of Banning Smoking

SWITZERLAND: Tobacco: Tough Law Demanded for All

UK: Pensions Fund Investing Millions in Tobacco Trade


"Smoke Free Futures: Tobacco Control Conference 2010"

RESEARCH: Researchers Demonstrate that Safe Cigarettes are as Hazardous as Tobacco

STUDY: Tobacco Use Linked to Coronary Heart Disease in Bipolar Disorder Patients

PUBLICATION: Belgian Newsletter Tabacologie Pratique, May 2010 Edition
Network News

The First World Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Institutional News

WHO FCTC Health Warnings Database

National Tobacco Control News

FINLAND: Philip Morris Forced to Incinerate 20 Million Cigarettes

Tobacco company Philip Morris has been forced to destroy 20 million cigarettes following a new law requiring that all cigarettes sold in Finland be self-extinguishing, reports the daily Turun Sanomat.
The cigarettes were burned in Ekokems kilns in Riihim䫩, some 70 kilometres north of Helsinki.

Source: YLE24, 13 May 2010

ITALY: Number of Smokers in Italy Declines

The number of smokers in Italy fell in one year by 1.9 million, reducing the percentage of the population who smoke from 25.4% to 21.7%, according to a new report from the High Institute of Health (ISS).The report was drawn up in collaboration with the Italian League for the Fight Against cancer (Lilt) and the Mario Negri Institute and presented here on Tuesday ahead of the United Nations No Tobacco Day, May 31.
Of the 11.1 million Italians who still smoke, down from over 13 million a year ago, 5.9 million are men and 5.2 million women.
The percentage of the male population who smoke dropped in one year by five full percentage points, from 28.9% to 23.9%, while the decline among women was more modest, 2.6 percentage points, from 22.3% to 19.7% of the population.
This difference, some experts claim, is evidence that women, even though they smoke less than men, have a greater difficulty in quitting.

Source: Ansa, 18 May 2010

SPAIN: Seven Out of Ten Spaniards in Favour of Banning Smoking

Seven out of ten Spaniards are in favour of a complete ban on tobacco in public places and 32.8% say they would frequent restaurants and bars more often if smoking was banned in them.
These are the main conclusions of a report published today by the Spanish Society for Family & Community Medicine (semFYC), which interviewed nearly 3,000 smokers, non-smokers and ex-smokers, in preparation for the 'Semana sin Humo' (National No Smoking Week) which runs from May 24th to 31st.
2,500 health centres across Spain and 20,000 health workers will participate in the 'No Smoking Week', with the aim of helping smokers give up tobacco.The initiative also hope to "get the politicians to put a date on the total prohibition of tobacco and to put Spain on a level with other" EU countries like Italy, where the number of heart attacks dropped by 11% in a year since smoking was prohibited in public places.

Source: ThinkSpain, 17 May 2010

SWITZERLAND: Tobacco: Tough Law Demanded for AllToo many loopholes! Insufficient protection for workers! The Swiss federal smoke-free legislation enacted three weeks ago clearly doesnt satisfy tobacco-free advocates. The Swiss Pulmonary Ligue and their allies presented their popular initiative Protection from Second-Hand Smoke in Bern yesterday. This text, signed by 133,000 parties so far, aims at the harmonization of unified and tougher smoke-free laws in the whole of Switzerland. Otto Piller, Chairman of the Pulmonary Ligue said: The federal law doesnt provide sufficient protection to employees and its implementation is difficult and unfair as regulations vary from one canton to another. Some cantons have implemented a less restrictive federal law, while some enacted stricter legislation and other cantons have gone even further.
The federal law provides that in the hospitality sector restaurants and bars (under 80m) may allow smoking, exposing customers and employees to tobacco smoke.
It doesnt provide clear rules with regard to the maximum size required for smoking rooms or specific ventilation norms, which results in different applications of the law from one canton to another. In the Jura canton ventilation stands for an open window, while other cantons require separate ventilation. The law leaves a lot to be desired Piller further stated.

Source: Le Matin.CH, 19 May 2010

UK: Pensions Fund Investing Millions in Tobacco Trade

Hampshire councils are investing millions of pounds of public money from their pension fund in the tobacco trade at the same time as trying to cut smoking levels.
Hampshire Pension Fund has 20.3m invested in British American Tobacco, which employs more than 1,100 people in Southampton.Critics said it sent local councils health credentials up in smoke and raised serious ethical questions.But pension chiefs say the main aim of the fund is to achieve the best financial return for its 47,000 contributors and 28,000 pensioners.

Source: Southern Daily Echo, 16 May 2010

"Smoke Free Futures: Tobacco Control Conference 2010"

ASH Wales looks forward to welcoming you to Smoke Free Futures: Tobacco Contol Conference 2010 on 11 and 12 October 2010 in Cardiff, Wales.
Smoke Free Futures is a two day tobacco control conference that asks what are the next steps which need to be taken to secure tobacco free futures for our children and how do we help the 70% of smokers who say they wish to quit more effectively in the here and now.
Workshops include presentations on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and the Framework Convention Alliance as well as Launching the No Smoking Day 2011 campaign. A range of highly interactive workshops by tobacco control experts are planned for the conference and workshops.Visit http://www.smoking-conference-wales.org.uk/ for further details and the option to book a place at this exciting event.

Source: ASH Wales, contact: Mrs Tanya Buchanan - tanya@ashwales.co.uk

RESEARCH: Researchers Demonstrate that Safe Cigarettes are as Hazardous as TobaccoUsing the same technique they developed to document the harmful effects of tobacco products, a team of researchers found that cigarettes made without tobacco or nicotine may be more carcinogenic because they actually induce more extensive DNA damage than tobacco products. The research team was led by Z. Darzynkiewicz, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pathology. Their study, "DNA damage response induced by exposure of human lung adenocarcinoma cells to smoke from tobacco- and nicotine-free cigarettes," will appear in the June 1 issue of Cell Cycle (Volume 9, Issue 11).
Using laser scanning cytometry (LSC) technology to measure DNA damage response to the smoke from commercially available tobacco- and nicotine-free cigarettes, the research team expected to find the alternative products were less hazardous than regular tobacco cigarettes. However, their data suggest that exposure of cells to smoke from tobacco- and nicotine-free cigarettes leads to formation of double-strand DNA breaks (DSBs). Since DSBs are potentially carcinogenic, the data indicate that smoking tobacco- and nicotine-free cigarettes is at least as hazardous as those containing tobacco and nicotine.

Source: Physorg, 12 May 2010

STUDY: Tobacco use linked to coronary heart disease in bipolar disorder patientsSmoking is common among patients with bipolar disorder and can increase their risk for coronary heart disease (CHD), a study in Spanish people shows.

Taking into account that this is one of the top three modifiable risk factors for premature death, this finding should be taken into account both by clinicians when dealing with the issue of tobacco use in patients with bipolar disorder, and by the health authorities for the purpose of creating specific programs to deal with this problem in patients with severe mental disorders, says the research team.
The cross-sectional General Health Status in Bipolar Disorder study looked at the use of three substances tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis and while the use of alcohol and cannabis was also high, there was no association between these substances and cardiovascular risk.
In all, 194 patients with bipolar disorder under maintenance treatment at 13 Spanish centers participated. Their mean age was 46.6 years and 49% were male. Tobacco use was reported by 51.5% of patients, regular alcohol use by 13.0%, and cannabis use by 12.5%.

Source: Medwire News, 13 May 2010

Publication of the Belgian Newsletter Tabacologie Pratique, May 2010 The May 2010 edition of Tabacologie Pratique, a bi-annual Belgian newsletter published by the Fondation contre le Cancer and F.A.R.E.S, contains valuable information for health professionals and tobacco control experts in support of their daily tobacco control work and activities: dossier, expert advice, health programs etc.The editors welcome your reactions, comments and suggestions.

Contact : F.A.R.E.S., Mrs Caroline Rasson - caroline.rasson@fares.be

A PDF of this publication (in French) can be downloaded from the F.A.R.E.S. website:http://www.fares.be/newsletter/newsletter2010-05-19.pdf

Network News

First Global Action Plan to Tackle NCDs
The first world summit on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) will take place in 2011, leading the global health emergency one step closer to preventing millions of unnecessary deaths every year. NCDs include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases of which tobacco use is the most significant risk factor.

Source: Framework Convention Alliance, 17 May 2010FCA Press Release:

Intitutional News
WHO FCTC Health Warnings Database
The World Health Organization has just published an online database of pictorial health warnings. The database is categorized by topic and by Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
Article 11 of the WHO FCTC requires Parties to the Convention to implement large, rotating health warnings on all tobacco product packaging and labelling. Guidelines for Article 11 of the WHO FCTC recommend that Parties should mandate full colour pictures or pictograms, in their packaging and labelling requirements. This website, which was developed following a decision by the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC at its third session, is designed to facilitate the sharing of such pictorial health warnings and messages among countries and Parties, and will continue to be updated on a regular basis as countries and Parties provide these images.

Source: World Health Organization, 14 May 2010

If you would like to inform other members about new publications or events in your organization or country, please send contributions to Sophie Van Damme s.vandamme@ensp.org

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