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quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

Commission’s digital health strategy will help EU patients

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Horgan: "Big data is here and here to stay."

Denis Horgan is the executive director of the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine.

Leaders of major European countries, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, this week came out in support of a multi-speed EU, in advance of a summit in Rome to mark 60 years since its founding treaty in the same city.

The European Commission also concurs that projects do not have to involve all member states, whose number will, of course, fall from 28 to 27 after Brexit.

Hosting the meeting of the leaders, (German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spanish Premier Mariano Rajoy, and Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni) in the Versailles Palace, French President François Hollande stressed that “Unity does not mean uniformity.”

This comment perfectly ties in with a recent announcement by DG Connect Director-General Roberto Viola and DG Sante Director-General Xavier Prats Monné, who are behind the setting up of a new task force aimed at further developing the digital strategy in health, alongside other Commission DGs.

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