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sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

German railways on track for Brexit boost

Deutsche Bahn ICE trains could be shuttling bankers between Frankfurt and London in just a few years.
[FlareZT/ Shutterstock]

British media reported last week that Deutsche Bahn (DB) intends to introduce a high-speed rail service between Germany and the UK in 2020 or soon after. The operator was awarded a certificate to run passenger services through the Channel Tunnel in 2013.

The chairman of Eurotunnel (the group that manages and owns the tunnel), Jacques Gounon, told The Times that he is awaiting a meeting with DB’s new CEO. Gounon insisted he is “quite sure” the service will happen.

Although DB has distanced itself from the reports, telling the International Railway Journal it has no plans to launch in 2020, the demand for a train service linking the continent’s two main financial hubs remains and is only set to increase.

Channel Tunnel operator criticises UK asylum decision

The company, which operates the Channel Tunnel, said on Tuesday (5 January) that Britain’s decision to grant asylum to a Sudanese man who walked the passage between France and England was “unfortunate”.

While struggling to secure approval for its Siemens-built high-speed trains on certain parts of the Belgian and French rail networks, DB is likely to be granted approval in the near future, as its trains are similar to stock that already operates between London, Paris, Brussels and, soon, Amsterdam.

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