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terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

Study: Backing fossil fuels is economically and politically irresponsible

A new study makes it clear that any delay moving away from a carbon-heavy economy will rack up huge costs, both financial and environmental.
[Grégory Tonon/ Flickr]

A quarter of Germany’s greenhouse gases come from its 30 largest coal-fired power stations. The coal appetite of industrial nations like those in the G20 is doing dramatic damage to the environment and people around the world.

Renewable energy and environmental associations have long demanded that leaders fight back against powerful energy corporations.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), who as economic affairs minister often protected the coal industry, now wants to use Germany’s presidency of the G20 to boost his country’s energy transition, the Energiewende, as well as take it global.

In front of ministers, business representatives and associations from 93 countries gathered at the Dialogue, Gabriel extolled the virtues of energy transition, with a wink to the United States: “Energy policy is an issue that cannot be discussed within national borders. Climate change cannot be fought with fences and isolation, rather it needs international cooperation. We need exchanges between politics, science and the economy, across national borders.”

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