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sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

UN report calls for end to industrial agriculture

99% of deaths due to pesticide use occur in developing countries, where practices are less well regulated.
[Akarsh Sima/Flickr]
“Reliance on hazardous pesticides is a short-term solution that undermines the rights to adequate food and health for present and future generations,” the UN’s Special Raporteur Hilal Elver said in a recent report on the right to food.

In 24 pages covering the environmental, health and social issues related to pesticides, Elver put forward a withering appraisal of the substances.

While acknowledging that they have “certainly helped to keep agricultural production apace of unprecedented jumps in food demand”, the special rapporteur stressed that this had come at a high price for “human health and the environment”.

She laid out a vision in which multinationals should be held responsible for their actions, more strictly regulated and threatened with sanctions for breaking the rules.

Toxic but legal

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