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quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Hungarian university president: ‘I need the support of Europe’

Michael Ignatieff. Brussels, 25 April 2017.
[European Commission]
Central European University (CEU) President Michael Ignatieff, the former head of Canada’s Liberal Party, told a meeting in the European Parliament he was determined to defend the institution founded by the liberal US financier George Soros.

Major protest in Hungary over Soros university law

Hungary saw the biggest anti-government protest in three years on Sunday (9 April), as tens of thousands demonstrated against new higher education legislation seen as targeting the respected Central European University.


Soros, however, was not mentioned in the 40-minute hearing, hosted by the S&D, EPP, ALDE, GUE/NGL and Green/EFA groups.

The university, which defends the Hungarian-born financier’s “open society” outlook that Orbán opposes, has already won the backing of officials in the United States and elsewhere.

“I need the support of Europe. I have support in Washington, I have support in Berlin, I have support in Budapest, I got support in Munich,” Ignatieff told the meeting.

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