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quinta-feira, 6 de abril de 2017

MEPs demand action against Hungary after law targets Soros

MEPs raised their voices in defence of the CEU.
[S&D Group/Twitter]

Hungary’s parliament approved a law on Tuesday (4 April) that could force out a university founded by financier George Soros – the Central European University (CEU) – despite international condemnation and protests by thousands of Hungarians.

Hungary passes bill targeting Soros university, sparking protests

Hungarian lawmakers yesterday (4 April) approved legislation that could force the closure of a prestigious Budapest university founded by US billionaire investor George Soros, sparking fresh protests.


Also on Wednesday, Orbán’s Fidesz party said it would present a bill to parliament this week that requires NGOs with a yearly foreign income of 7.2 million forints ($25,000) to register with the government.

“Support from unknown foreign sources could allow foreign interest groups to pursue their own interests via the influence of these (NGOs) in Hungary … which threatens the country’s political and economic interests,” the bill says.

NGOs, many of whom receive grants from Soros’ Open Society Foundation, often advocate on behalf of refugees, clash with Orbán and other Eastern European leaders who contend that migration is an existential threat.

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