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quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

Orbán: Hungary has no big issue with EU, it has a problem with Soros

Viktor Orbán in the European Parliament. Brussels, 26 April.
[European Parliament]

Orbán made his defence in front of the European Parliament just hours after the Commission launched legal action against Hungary over the legislation targeting the Central European University in Budapest.

The EU executive sent Budapest a formal notice, saying a new Hungarian higher education law violated academic freedom and democratic values and gave it a month to respond.

“We are not as big and powerful as you are, and not as big as powerful as George Soros, the American financial speculator attacking Hungary,” Orbán told MEPs in Brussels, defending his law.

Orbán said Hungarian-born Soros “has destroyed the lives of millions of Europeans with his financial speculations” and “is an open enemy of the euro”.


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