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segunda-feira, 17 de abril de 2017

Serbs continue to protest election outcome

Protest against Vučić election victory. Belgrade, 5 April.

President-elect Vučić hopes to present the protests as a sign of democratic rule in Serbia, recieving support on Wednesday (12 April) from German Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel, who visited Belgrade.

Gabriel said that such demonstrations are a part of democracy and that it is important that the protests are peaceful and without state interference.

The main topics of discussion during his visit are Serbia’s integration in the EU, as well as the normalisation of relations with Kosovo, and the reforms needed on that path.

Serbia to appoint new PM by June

Serbian President-elect Aleksandar Vučić, who scored a convincing victory in the first round of the election on 2 April, will take his time appointing his successor as prime minister, a position he’s held a firm grip on for three years. EURACTIV.rs reports.


“The election victory is a reason to be happy, but is also a great responsibility for the reform process and further development of relations with Kosovo, which is the necessary condition for the EU to accept Serbia as member,” said Gabriel.

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