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quarta-feira, 17 de maio de 2017

BDI chief: Brexit Exchange can instill ‘rationality’ in a purely political debate

Steffen Kampeter
[European Union]
Steffen Kampeter is director-general of the Confederation of German Employers Associations. He was a CDU MP for more than 25 years and served as Germany’s deputy finance minister from 2009 to 2015. Kampeter is one of co-chairs and advocates of the Brexit Exchange, the newly formed platform, “associated with neither the remain nor leave EU campaigns but squarely focused on getting the best outcome for Britain and Europe”.

Kampeter spoke to EURACTIV.com’s Editor-in-Chief Daniela Vincenti.

Tomorrow, you and other business leaders will launch the Brexit Exchange. What are you trying to achieve with this new tool?

The Brexit debate is a political debate and we are trying to enhance the economic rationality of the process, because the debate only driven by political arguments may lead to economic disadvantages. What we want to achieve is a more rational process that is underlined by business arguments.

Are you doing this out of fear that your business concerns will not be heard and because you are worried about the risk of falling into a blame game?

We have different frameworks to articulate business expectations, for example, BusinessEurope, which represents businesses in talks with the European Commission. But the future of trade and investment, which means the UK and the EU-27, is so complex that one framework is not sufficient to deliver the insights to both sides. A differentiated approach should be more viable than a single-issue one.

So will this be a forum? What kind of framework are you putting up?

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