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segunda-feira, 29 de maio de 2017

Borissov accuses EU of ‘apartheid’ over lower quality food in Eastern Europe

The new Bulgarian Prime minister Boyko Borissov speaks during the oath at the Parliament in Sofia, Bulgaria, 4 May 2017.
[Vassil Donev/EPA]

The other issue discussed at Saturday’s unusual cabinet meeting was the need to address the high mortality rate in traffic accidents on Bulgarian roads.

Consumer groups have complained that popular brands use poorer-quality ingredients in products sold in Central and Eastern Europe than in countries like Germany and Austria.

Lower quality of same food brands in Eastern Europe raises eyebrows

Big companies are selling better food in Austria than they sell in Hungary, even though the brands are supposed to be the same, the Hungarian government said yesterday (16 February).

“This is unacceptable and insulting. Maybe this is a remnant of apartheid, for some, food should be of higher quality, and for others, in Eastern Europe, of lower quality,” Borissov said.

It was announced that the government would send experts to buy products in Western supermarkets, conduct tests and compare the results with those of the same brands sold in Bulgaria.


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