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quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2017

Chizhov: There is an alternative to Euro-Atlantic integration

Vladimir Chizhov
[European Commission]

Chizhov had invited selected journalists to discuss a wide range of topics, ranging from the Syrian Civil War the Ukraine crisis, Russia-US relations, and EU-Russia relations.

EURACTIV.com asked him to explain the Russian position on Macedonia, where nationalists continue their protests against a plan for a coalition government that includes ethnic Albanian parties, and where on 27 April violence erupted after an estimated 100 nationalist protesters supporting the VMRO-DPMNE party of Nikola Gruevski entered parliament.

Violence erupts as protesters storm Macedonia parliament

Nationalists stormed Macedonia’s parliament on Thursday (27 April) and attacked MPs, including the opposition leader, in protest against a vote for a new parliamentary speaker.


“And when they came back to Skopje, they managed to persuade, with the help of others, Mr Zaev [Zoran Zaev, leader of SDSM, the rival force of VMRO-DPMNE] to sign up to that platform. If you read that platform, you will understand why the tension has only increased”, he said.

The Russian diplomat said the “Albanian Platform” went much further that the Western-brokered Ohrid Agreement of 2001 which had put an end to the armed conflict between the ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army and the Macedonian security forces, and set the groundwork for improving the rights of the ethnic Albanians.

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