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terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

Commission opens first investigation into excessive drug pricing

Vestager: "When the price of a drug suddenly goes up by several hundred percent, this is something the Commission may look at."
[European Parliament]
In light of a deal reached amongst six southern EU member states (Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) last week in Valletta, Malta, to cooperate “in full trust, loyalty, solidarity and transparency for better access to medicines”, the executive will investigate whether pharmaceutical company Aspen has abused a dominant market position in breach of EU antitrust rules.

Southern EU states present unified front in drug talks

Six southern member states have signed a common declaration, aiming to enhance their cooperation and jointly negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry on drug pricing.

Affordability and accessibility to medicines have also been a top priority for the EU Maltese Presidency, which is aiming to create a new landscape in the ailing healthcare systems.

Last October, the Italian anti-trust authority issued Aspen Pharma with a €5 million fine, accusing it of “blackmailing” the Italian medicines agency.

Aspen had threatened the agency with the cessation of supply for vital oncology medicines intended for patients in the Italian market, particularly children and the elderly, if they refused to increase the drugs’ price.

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