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segunda-feira, 15 de maio de 2017

Ethiopia’s huge honey production potential in search of modern techniques

Honey from Ethiopia

In a country where 85% of all jobs are in agriculture, industry experts say the beekeeping – or apiculture – sector is still a long way from harvesting its full potential, hampered by outdated, low-yield techniques, periodic droughts and uncompetitive prices.

Honey traditionally plays a big role in Ethiopian life – where its delicious white, red and yellow varieties are used in cooking, for medicinal purposes and as a key ingredient in the local mead known as tej.

The problem is that the majority of farmers use outdated styles of beehives that are stored in trees or clay jars.

And these do not produce as much honey as modern wooden boxes, says Juergen Greiling, a senior adviser at the Ethiopian Apiculture Board, an umbrella group for the honey industry.


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