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terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

EU ministers to debate threats to rule of law in member state Poland

The Foreign Affairs Council on 15 May 2017.

The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has refused to follow EU recommendations and says the Commission is overstepping its remit in telling a democratically elected government with a large parliamentary majority how to behave.

Poland has last word in rule of law dispute

Poland considers its dispute with the European Commission about the country’s rule of law closed, its foreign minister said yesterday (21 February), leaving Brussels with the impossible decision of punishing Warsaw.


First Vice President Frans Timmermans told his Commission colleagues at weekly meeting on 22 February he wanted to take the Polish case to other EU states. According to the minutes of the College meeting, the Commission raised the following main points:
  • the lack of willingness shown by the Polish Government to find a way out of the crisis concerning the rule of law in the country;
  • the need to involve other member states in a broader political discussion in order to decide on the response to the refusal by the Polish Government to guarantee the fundamental principles of the rule of law;
  • the importance of appropriate communication to inform the public and the media of the need to take action at Union level to ensure compliance with its principles and fundamental values.
Asked by journalists a few days ago in Stockholm, Timmermans said he was not ready to announce any other steps at this stage.

“We have a number of instruments in our toolbox… I believe there is still room for political dialogue”, he said.

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