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quarta-feira, 3 de maio de 2017

EU seeks new powers to peek into ‘sensitive’ corporate information

The Commission has an ongoing case against Facebook for providing misleading information during its WhatsApp buyout.
[Marco Paköeningrat/Flickr]
Companies have voiced opposition to the proposal, arguing it would force them to disclose “sensitive” business information to EU authorities upon request.

If the proposal goes through, firms which refuse to comply could be fined up to 1% of their turnover from the previous year, on top of a possible fine of up to 5% of daily turnover.

The proposed Single Market Information Tool is part of a legislative package designed to improve the functioning of the EU’s single market.

In “targeted” cases, when neither national authorities or the companies involved have voluntarily provided the information, the Commission would be able to request the data directly from the firms.

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