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sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2017

Following Macedonia, Western pressure resolves Albanian crisis

Lulzim Basha, leader of Albanian opposition Democratic Party addresses protesters during an anti-government rally in front of the government building in Tirana, Albania, 13 May 2017.
[Malton Dibra/EPA]

Under pressure from European and US officials, the opposition finally gave up on its full demands.

The agreement could also revive Albania’s stalled effort to join the European Union. It creates bodies to vet judges and prosecutors, in a first step towards an independent judiciary, a key condition for accession talks with the EU.

Albania, home to about 2.8 million people, has been a member of NATO since 2009 and earned EU candidate status in 2014.

The development took place only two days after Western pressure solved the political crisis in Macedonia, five months after an election in the troubled Balkan country.


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