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quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2017

Free roaming doesn’t matter if we have nothing to roam with

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An unrealistic deadline for revising a crucial directive means technology developers will lose vital time when the transition period elapses in June.
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl is director-general of DIGITALEUROPE.

Are these products being banned? No but there is a real risk that devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS may simply not be available as it will become much more difficult to sell these devices in Europe as of 13 June.

Forget roaming charges, this is the EU’s true Wireless Trial Fail moment. In a bout of more wishful than visionary thinking, the 2014 Radio Equipment Directive (RE-D) reckoned that around 170 complex technical specifications for the multitude of wireless devices and radio equipment that we use every day could be revisited and published as harmonised standards in just over two years.

In fact, the official European Commission mandate for standardisation, a nine-page document, was finalised only in August 2015, leaving ETSI, the European Standards Organisation, one year to accomplish mission impossible, desperately playing catch up ever since.

It was no surprise that on 13 June 2016, when the RE-D came into effect, no harmonised standards were available. Today, 11 months later, only 100 harmonised standards out of a total 170 have been finalised. Other important standards are not expected until later, maybe even next year.


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