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terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

Leaders call for discipline to maintain fragile unity in Brexit talks

German chancellor Angela Merkel went around the table to highlight the importance of maintaining the discipline during the Brexit talks.

“As the debate proceeds and budgetary matters arise, there will be tough decisions. Clearly there are those who don’t want to pay a penny more and those who don’t want to give up a penny either,” Juncker told journalists after the meeting.

Leaders of the 27 member states flaunted their agreement over how to go into Brexit negotiations, set to start in June. But they warned that their unity won’t last.

Aside from the discrepancies over how to deal with the financial hole that Brexit will leave (Commission estimates run between €9 and 12 billion), EU leaders today expressed concern about the differences that are bound to come up during discussions over the bloc’s future relationship with Britain.

At the start of the summit—the first meeting of the 27 heads of state without UK Prime Minister Theresa May—leaders quickly endorsed a 26-point set of guidelines that fix the EU’s position for the negotiations. Then they were eager to show off how easy it was to sign off on their priorities for the divorce.

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