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terça-feira, 9 de maio de 2017

Lithuania’s new alcohol package raises eyebrows in industry

Lithuania wants to introduce a full ban on alcohol advertising beginning January 2018.
[Gabrielle Ludlow/Flickr]

Lithuania is among the countries with the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in Europe, according to the World Health Organisation.

In an effort to address alcohol abuse, the Lithuanian government prepared a number of measures, including a tax increase, which still needs to pass through parliament in a vote that many see as unpredictable.

Among the proposed measures are an increase of the legal age for buying, holding and consuming alcoholic beverages (from 18 to 20) and a full ban on alcohol advertising from January 2018, EURACTIV.com has learned.

In addition, the government wants to impose additional trade hour limitations on alcohol retail outlets – from 8 PM to 10 AM on Monday-Saturday and from 3 PM to 10 AM on Sundays. Currently, the ban is between 10 PM and 8 AM.

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