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quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Member states want looser data rules in draft ePrivacy bill

Some EU member states want the draft ePrivacy legislation to have looser rules for data processing.
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Draft rules detailing when telecoms companies and digital communication services like WhatsApp can process consumer data should be softened, according to a report dated 15 May on the progress of national governments’ negotiations on the European Commission’s proposal to overhaul the ePrivacy legislation.

“A number of delegations consider the provision on permitted processing (Article 6) to be too restrictive and ask for more flexibility, also taking into account that the GDPR provides for a number of legal grounds for processing of personal data,” the report, obtained by EURACTIV.com, reads.

Several countries want the bill to give companies more ways to process and analyse data. Industry sources said that would line up with what companies have pushed for by making the rules for data processing more similar to what is already allowed under the EU data protection regulation, a separate, broader privacy law set to go into effect next year.

In January, the Commission proposed a legal change to the eight-year-old ePrivacy directive, turning it into a regulation—which requires the same rules in every country—and pulling digital services like Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype under the telecoms rules.

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