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quinta-feira, 11 de maio de 2017

Online platforms face EU regulation on transparency and business contracts

European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip announced that he may propose legislation affecting online platforms like Google and Facebook by the end of 2017.
[Jason Howie/Flickr]
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The proposal will affect “unfair contractual clauses and trading practices identified in platform-to-business relationships” and follows a 2016 Commission strategy that suggested “problem-driven” EU action but no across-the-board regulation of online platforms.

One Commission official said the rules would focus on forcing platforms to be more transparent and give companies options for redress if a platform wrongly removes their products from search results.

A Commission document published today said that “there is widespread concern that some platforms may favour their own products or services, otherwise discriminate between different suppliers and sellers and restrict access to, and the use of, personal and non-personal data, including that which is directly generated by a company’s activities on the platforms”.

Some online platforms remove products from search results “without due notice or without any effective possibility to contest the platform’s decision”.


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