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sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2017

Parliament wants new road toll and labour rules for truck drivers

MEPs want road toll rules that are "non-discriminatory", as well as a crackdown on abuse of truck drivers from low-wage EU countries.
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A resolution approved by the full European Parliament yesterday (18 May) asks EU member states to consider “the creation of a European Road Transport Agency with a view to ensuring proper implementation of EU legislation and promoting standardisation” across the bloc.

The report is not binding but is intended to make a last-minute point before a major EU legal overhaul.

The Parliament vote came one week before the European Commission proposes new legislation outlining standards for roads tolls in the 25 EU countries that have them for trucks, as well as a controversial bill that is expected to tighten rules on how long truck drivers can work outside the member state where they live and still fall under their home country’s laws.

MEPs voted in favour of a new measure to set up a new EU road agency in a separate non-binding resolution earlier this year, but rejected the agency in a separate binding vote on car testing legislation this spring.

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