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sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2017

Public transport bosses: EU Accessibility Act focuses too much on ticket machines

Low height ticket machines for people with wheelchairs, in use in Vienna.
[Johannes Zinner/Wiener Linien]
EURACTIV interviewed Mike Brown, commissioner at Transport for London (London), Dr Gabriele Domschitz, a board member for mobility at Wiener Linien (Vienna) and Béatrice Jung, group corporate social responsibility director at TransDev, which covers Paris and other French cities.

What have Paris, Vienna, and London already done to aid people with restricted mobility?

[Paris]: Transdev’s purpose, with and for the local authorities we serve, is to provide socially responsible solutions that fulfil our customers’ expectations for mobility and quality of service while contributing to the quality of life and social and economic development of local communities.

Our approach is based on a combination of tools, services, personal assistances, as well as digital solutions. We point out the need to build confidence and autonomy of PRM throughout our networks.

[Vienna]: Making our mobility services accessible to everyone is a long term challenge. We started already four decades ago to improve the quality of our services step-by-step. In a close cooperation with disabled people and their organisations we developed a systematic model to identify, develop and implement improvements to accessibility and a philosophy of user-centred design which runs through all transport modes and is applied to existing as well as new infrastructure and rolling stock.

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