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sexta-feira, 12 de maio de 2017

Romanian MEP points out ‘green contradiction’ of organic trade deal

The European Commission said there are no requirements regarding the carbon footprint for organic products in the EU organic legislation.
[Tim Oller/Flickr]

The European Union and Chile last month (7 April) concluded negotiations on a trade agreement in organic products. The deal provides that Santiago and Brussels will mutually recognise the equivalence of their organic production rules and control system and “ensure a high level of respect for the principle for organic production”.

All EU organic products are included while the organic logos are protected in return.

“It will allow for products produced and controlled according to EU rules to be directly placed on the Chilean market and vice versa,” the executive said in a statement.

Farmers under pressure

EU farmers’ income has come under rising pressure from a number of factors, ranging from climate change, high input costs, the Russia embargo and sluggish demand from China.

“New generation” trade deals

A European Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.com that the deal was the first of a “new generation” of agreements. “It is a fully-fledged reciprocal trade agreement that will facilitate market access to EU exports and will increase transparency and legal certainty,” the EU official said.

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