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quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

Biofuels and sustainability: Decarbonising transport and fuelling food security

As part of a broader reform of the Renewable Energy Directive, the European Commission has proposed phasing out “food-based” biofuels in the EU – terminology that implies the production of crop-based biofuels in Europe is directly affecting food prices and availability.

The biofuels industry says this characterisation ignores evidence that the production of renewable fuels and food coexist sustainably and even support each other – without negative consequences in third countries.

The relationship between biofuels production and food security is central to the debate on how Europe can use renewable energy to achieve its climate and energy goals for transport.

EURACTIV organised a forum to discuss the role of biofuels and food security in reaching the EU’s climate and energy goals for transport. Questions included:

– Can the EU achieve its renewable transport energy goals if the Commission’s proposal to phase-out crop-based biofuels is ultimately adopted?

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