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segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017

Electricity market design: A step in the right direction?

Additionally, it is feared that assessments carried out at EU level by ENTSO-E could lead to poor implementation of decisions due to the lack of a specific national angle.

With the proposal now being discussed at the European Parliament, EURACTIV organised a  workshop to discuss in more detail the future of the European electricity market.

Questions  included:
  • How to safeguard the right of each member state to choose the most fitting energy mix for their markets and hence avoid any shortage of power supply?
  • What is needed for a reliable cross-border grid? How can the national TSOs’ analysis be better included in the ENTSO-E findings?
  • How to ensure that investment is not hindered by lower prices? Are scarcity pricing and intervention in the capacity markets an adequate solution?
  • How can electricity market design support the EU2030 energy and climate goals, including GHG reduction and energy efficiency measures, in the most efficient way?

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