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segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017

FAO official: Food-based biofuels not necessarily bad

Sugar cane is a biofuel that has not affected food prices in Brazil.
[celio messias silva/Shutteratock]
Speaking at a EURACTIV event on Wednesday (7 June), Olivier Dubois, a FAO senior natural resources officer, said the biofuels debate was a complex issue which should avoid “oversimplification and sweeping statements” because they do not reflect the reality.

One such sweeping statement, he said, “is that food-based biofuels are necessarily bad for food”, when they should be seen as a tool for responsible investment in agriculture and rural development.

In support of this argument, Dubois cited the example of Brazil’s sugarcane – a food crop that he said was not known to cause fundamental problems in terms of food security or create great land use changes.

“Brazilians have invested a lot in sugar and now they can produce both food from sugar and ethanol fuel,” he said.

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