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quarta-feira, 28 de junho de 2017

Industry asks the Commission to harmonise sports food rules

According to the industry, the diversity of national rules or interpretations on how these foods should be regulated is threatening the functioning of the EU single market.
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Last year, the European Commission adopted a report on food sports and recognised that there were clear indications that sport has become mainstream in the population.

“Consequently, people carrying out sports activity can hardly be characterised as a specific vulnerable group of consumers but rather as a target group of the general population who is protected at an appropriate level by horizontal legislation,” the report noted, adding that such products increasingly often targeted the general population.

The report continued by saying that the horizontal rules of the EU food law provide the necessary safeguards for such products, in terms of food safety, composition, consumer information and legal certainty.

But according to the industry, the current framework does not ensure the appropriate use of these foods for the consumers, while the different interpretations of the EU food law at national level “create barriers to trade between member states”.
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