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segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017

Retailers fear tobacco-style restrictions on food and drinks

Public health England, a UK government advisory body, recommended imposing plain packaging on bottles of alcohol.

When the World Health Organisation vowed to fight child obesity “tobacco-style” six years ago, few actually paid attention.

The campaign against tobacco – steep taxes on cigarettes, coupled with regulation on tobacco use and advertising – has since gained traction and has offered governments a blueprint for tackling obesity.

EU urged to combat child obesity 'tobacco-style'

With European children getting heavier and less active, health experts say policymakers should draw a lesson from anti-tobacco campaigns and consider heavier taxation schemes to combat teenage fat.

One after the other, European countries have implemented restrictive measures on the sale and marketing of pre-packaged food and drinks, in the pursuit of health policies.

Denmark’s infamous “fat tax” was the first of its kind worldwide and probably inspired others. But it also had unintended consequences and was eventually scrapped, officially because of the administrative costs it created but also probably because of the disruption in border trade it created with neighbouring Germany.

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