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segunda-feira, 10 de julho de 2017

Estonia ties electricity talks with digital policy at EU helm

Existing smart grid technology allows households to pool their consumption data and use it to obtain cheaper electricity prices.
[National Grid / Flickr]

“It’s the closest to our hearts. Really, really close,” said an Estonian Presidency source who recently briefed journalists about Estonia’s plans in the energy sector at the EU’s helm.

Estonia placed digital policy at the heart of its programme as the small Baltic state picked up the six-month EU rotating presidency from Malta on 1 July.

“We have a digital dimension to almost every aspect of our presidency programme,” said Jüri Ratas, the Estonian Prime Minister, who outlined his priorities at the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week.

Estonia: Brexit talks won't distract EU from digital, security issues

The premier of Estonia, which has taken over the six-month EU Council presidency, made it clear once again on Wednesday (5 July) that the EU-27 was moving forward on key issues like security, defence and digitalisation regardless of the pace and outcome of Brexit talks.

Free flow of data

And the European Commission’s electricity market design proposal is an area where Estonia believes digitalisation can make a big difference.


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