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quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

EU leaps forward in attempt to ban carcinogens at work

Legislators went further by requesting the European Commission to assess the possibility of including reprotoxic substances in EU health and safety rules by the first quarter of 2019 at the latest.
[Jennifer Tweedie/Flickr]

Negotiators in the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers, representing the 28 EU member states, struck a provisional agreement on Tuesday (11 July) in favour of stricter exposure limits to substances believed to cause cancer among workers.

The agreement – when confirmed – will impose stricter exposure limits to hard wood dust and chromium VI, a dyer mainly used in paints and the textile industry, which is also generated during the casting, welding or cutting of stainless steel.

Marita Ulvskog, a Swedish Social Democratic Party MEP (S&D), who led the negotiations on behalf of the European Parliament, hailed the agreement saying it paves the way for similar votes on new exposure limits for 13 priority carcinogens and mutagens in the workplace.

“It is incredibly important that we have an agreement and move forward on this file,” she said, adding: “Workers have waited ten years for the EU to improve their protection from these incredibly dangerous substances.”

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