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segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

French anger at CAP co-financing proposal

The CAP is often criticised for benefitting big cereal producers over small-scale farmers.
[Nicolas Perrony/ Flickr]

Brexit is causing headaches far beyond the UK’s borders. The EU executive’s proposal to fill the hole left in the EU’s finances after Britain’s departure has provoked ire in France.

“The European Commission is clearly making a mistake with this proposal! It is a way to limit Germany’s overall contribution to the budget but it makes absolutely no sense,” a French diplomatic source told EURACTIV.

Brexit will leave a €10bn hole in the EU’s €150bn annual budget. But at a time when demands on EU coffers are rising, particularly in terms of defence and security, no member state seems willing to up their contribution to cover the shortfall.

With this in mind, the Commission’s reflection paper on the future of Europe focuses on ways to cut current levels of spending.
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