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segunda-feira, 10 de julho de 2017

New trade deals jeopardise EU green transport goals, NGO warns

According to Transport & Environment, Argentina produces cheap biodiesel from soybeans, which is twice as bad for the climate as regular diesel.
Political momentum is building up for an EU-Mercosur agreement with Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the EU’s Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said in Madrid this week (3 July).

“The five partners have to work very hard this autumn in order to conclude before Christmas a balanced and mutually beneficial agreement,” she said.

The EU is also negotiating a trade deal with Indonesia while talks with Malaysia were put on hold in April 2012.

Free trade deals 'at all cost' frustrate Spanish farmers

Spain’s agricultural sector is eyeing with concern free trade negotiations between the European Union and third parties. The agreement with Canada (CETA) and ongoing talks with South American trade bloc Mercosur are raising doubts in the Iberian countryside. EFEAgro reports.

But all these countries are producers and exporters of crop-based biofuels, especially from palm oil and soybean oil that have higher overall emissions than fossil diesel, warned Transport and Environment (T&E), a green NGO.

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