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sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

Parlamento Europeu

Assuntos Jurídicos

On 12 July, the JURI Committee will organise a hearing on The ELI/UNIDROIT Civil Procedure Project: state of play and next steps. Ms Diana Wallis, the President of the European Law Institute, and Dr Eva Storskrubb will present the first consolidated draft rules on ‘Access to information and evidence’, ‘Service and due notice of proceedings’ and ‘Provisional and protective measures’ and will discuss the next steps of the project. The debate will take place with the participation of the Commission
Location : Brussels
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PROJETO DE PARECER sobre a proposta de Regulamento do Parlamento
Europeu e do Conselho que cria a Agência Europeia para a Cooperação
Judiciária Penal (Eurojust)
Comissão dos Assuntos Jurídicos
António Marinho e Pinto

On 13 July, the JURI Committee will vote on report on monitoring the application of EU law (2015).The Committee traditionally draws up a report on the annual report by the Commission. While Member States are responsible for the transposition of directives and the correct application of EU law, it follows from Article 22 TEU that the Commission has the responsibility for monitoring that the Member States’ laws and their practical application complies with EU law.
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