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segunda-feira, 31 de julho de 2017

Wrong assumptions could lead to phase-out of conventional biofuels

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Baumann: "Why should banks and companies trust the new framework to last longer than until the next negative NGO campaign?"
[Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology/Flickr]

Elmar Baumann is the Managing Director of the Association of the German Biofuel Industry.

How should the transport sector be decarbonised? Strangely enough, if the European Commission, some Parliament MEPs and some NGOs have their way, conventional biodiesel and bioethanol that have 5% of the fuel market should be phased out by 2025.

This is supposed to happen although they are the only alternative to fossil diesel and gasoline existing in larger amounts. Instead, so called advanced renewable fuels are to take their place and reach a share of 6.8% by 2030.

The Commission wants to phase out conventional biofuels on the basis of two assumptions: That there will be large investments in advanced biofuels and that there is enough feedstock available to produce it in large quantities.

These assumptions are founded on an impact assessment that discusses investment and feedstock availability. According to the scenario that the Commission based its proposition for the future legal framework for biofuels on, the EU will see a production capacity of 14.7 million tons for advanced biofuels in 2030 with investments amounting to € 900 million per year throughout the next decade – in total €9 billion. That is equivalent to the money Italy wants to spend on all renewable energies – in the next 25 years. And it corresponds to ten new concert halls like the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

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