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segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

Belgium aware of eggs scandal since June but did not speak out

The statement prompted the reaction of German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt who expressed concerns over the possible contamination.
[vanessa lollipop/Flickr]
Millions of Dutch eggs have been declared unsuitable for consumption as they contained high quantities of fipronil.

The Dutch food and product safety board (NVWA) revealed the scandal and raised the alarm last week about eggs that have been contaminated and pose a severe threat to consumers.

Fipronil is an insecticide used against lice, ticks and fleas. For the World Health Organisation (WHO), fipronil is “moderately toxic” but in high concentrations, it could have dangerous effects on kidney, liver and thyroid gland function.

Manufactured by Germany’s BASF among other companies, fipronil is commonly used in veterinary products to get rid of fleas, lice and ticks.

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