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quinta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2017

Commission launches public consultation on food chain fairness

Farmers can make larger profits selling direct to consumers.

The Commission invited farmers, citizens and other interested parties to share their views on the functioning of the food supply chain through an online consultation that runs until 17 November, the EU executive said in a press release.

Many farmers are struggling to make a living because they have been hit hard by high input costs, coupled with low prices and the loss of certain export markets.

Small producers are often the worst affected as they lack the bargaining power to strike good deals with big distribution companies such as supermarket chains or milk producers. This, the EU executive admits, means that profits tend to accumulate with the middlemen while farmers are left with small margins.

 Copa-Cogeca: New export markets did not increase EU farmers’ income

The EU found new niche markets to balance the losses of the Russian embargo but this has not translated into increased income for farmers, Pekka Pesonen told EURACTIV.com.

“Farmers are the first link in the chain and without them, there would not be food to process, sell and consume. However, we notice that they often remain the weakest link,” said Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan.
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