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quarta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2017

EU ready to roll out new vacuum cleaner rules

New EU rules mean new vaccum cleaners must not exceed 80 decibels.

A new energy label that cuts maximum decibel levels to 80 and wattage from 1,600 to 900 will come into force in September, affecting all models made or sold in the European Union.

Retailers will be allowed to continue selling models that fall foul of the new rules beyond the September deadline but only until stocks run out. Appliances like handheld cleaners and floor polishers are exempted.

The European Commission claims that choosing a more efficient cleaner could save consumers over €55 during the course of the appliance’s lifecycle.

Eighty decibels is much quieter than many vacuum cleaners, which have been found to emit 95 decibels and over. Eighty-five decibels is considered the “action level” where ear protection, like ear plugs, is recommended.
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