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quinta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2017

Is the Norway-Sweden border a model for UK-Ireland?

Trucks in Norway,lining up before passing the border with Sweden.The border may appear as “soft” for passengers,but trucks have to do paperwork.

On Wednesday(16 August),the British government published a paper arguing there should be no border posts or immigration checks between Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland after Brexit.It is also keen to keep disruption to trade to a bare minimum.

The UK government on Tuesday (15 August) outlined its vision for a “frictionless” customs system, which one EU politician described as ‘fantasy’.

Senator Mark Daly, deputy leader of Ireland’s opposition Fianna Fáil party, said the proposals for a frictionless border appeared “more like fiction, and clueless on this island”.

“It will be a smugglers’ charter,” he told BBC Radio Four.


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