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quinta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2017

Member states ask for new EU data retention rules

Some EU countries want new data retention rules.

Diplomats from EU countries have been asked to determine whether they want new data retention rules ahead of a meeting to discuss the draft ePrivacy legislation in September.

Estonia, which is leading countries’ discussions on EU laws until the end of this year, asked national delegations after a meeting in July whether they want to add new rules to the draft bill as a way to require telecoms companies to store consumers’ personal data for a set amount of time, according to a draft memo that was leaked by the NGO Statewatch.

Justice ministers from EU countries have already agreed that they “should examine all legislative and non-legislative options to address the data retention issue, including in the context of the proposed e-Privacy Regulation.”

Any change to add data storage requirements to the ePrivacy law will be controversial. The European Court of Justice ruled an EU-wide law requiring data retention illegal in 2014. Last year, the court knocked down a similar Swedish law. But some other EU countries still have national data retention legislation.

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