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quinta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2017

UK minister: EU proposed ‘restricted’ rights for Brits living in EU after Brexit

UK ministers: "We have questioned whether this is consistent with the principle of reciprocity."

The future rights of UK nationals living in the EU and EU nationals living in Britain is one of the issues the bloc wants to settle in the first stage of negotiations. Only then will it move on to talks over the future trading relationship.

Some 2.9 million EU citizens live permanently in the UK and an estimated 1.2 million UK nationals live in the other 27 member states. Currently, citizenship is not required to live permanently in another EU country but the situation may change after Brexit.

All citizens of the bloc’s current 28 members hold EU citizenship, which comes in addition to national citizenship and does not replace it.

EU citizenship bestows certain rights, including the freedom to move and reside within the EU.


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