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terça-feira, 12 de setembro de 2017

EU auditors praise water quality efforts in new member states

Romania still has a problem with access to water. Nearly 40% of the population are still not connected to the public water supply.
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In the period between the member states’ accession and the end of 2016, the Auditors found that access to and supply of drinking water had improved thanks to EU investment.

The amount of funding available is significant. Between 2007, the year Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU, and 2020, the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund will have made €3.7 billion available to support the management and supply of drinking water.

But the report also highlighted that there are a number of areas that still do not fully comply with a 1998 directive on drinking water, which is currently under revision.

OECD: Corruption costs water sector €66 billion a year

Water is arguably the world’s most precious, if not always most expensive, resource. The OECD is looking to prioritise cooperation between sectors and new forms of financing. EURACTIV’s partner El País – Planeta Futuro reports.

The auditors also concluded that the member states in question will have to promote significant private and public investment in order to continue making progress and maintain EU-funded water facilities.

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