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terça-feira, 19 de setembro de 2017

Jourova ‘reassured’ about US commitment to privacy shield

EU justice chief Vera Jourova is in Washington to review the controversial EU-US privacy shield one year after it was agreed.
“I am glad to be reassured that ‘America first’ doesn’t mean ‘America only’,” Jourová said in a statement after the first day of talks finished on Monday.

Jourová and a group of data protection watchdogs from EU countries started a review process of the EU-US data transfer agreement in Washington with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and other US officials.

The review has been highly anticipated because Jourová could pull the plug on the controversial deal if she decides that American authorities have not set up enough safeguards to protect EU citizens’ privacy.

“I came here with a clear message that I would like to make sure that privacy shield works, that it brings the necessary equivalent protection that Europeans enjoy in the EU, and that we want to work together to keep privacy shield going,” the EU justice chief said.


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