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segunda-feira, 18 de setembro de 2017

New study relaunches controversy about biofuels and food prices

Monday, 18 September 2017

The findings of this new report regarding ethanol are in contrast with the data recently published by the European Commission.

In July 2016, the Commission proposed that food-based biofuels should be gradually phased out and replaced with “more advanced biofuels” which do not compete with food crops [See background].

The draft legislation is currently being scrutinised by European Parliament committees, which are preparing their opinions on it.

Several environmental NGOs have claimed that the use of first-generation biofuels has pushed up food prices, an argument which is roundly rejected by the biofuels industry.

MEPs criticise Commission’s ‘flawed’ policy on post-2020 biofuels

The European Commission’s “scientifically unfounded” U-turn on biofuels will have significant implications for the agriculture sector and risks increasing the imports of GM animal feed from third countries, lawmakers warn.

The NGOs generally lump all crop-based biofuels together and are pressuring the Commission to completely ban them after 2020, arguing that the future lies exclusively in so-called advanced biofuels.

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