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terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2017

Andriukaitis: ‘Enough’ with member states hiding behind the Commission on glyphosate

For the industry, Germany’s stance on the case has now become crucial.
[European Parliament/Flickr]

The European Commission and member states discussed on 5-6 October the glyphosate issue at the Standing Committee on Plant Animal Food and Feed (PAFF), but failed to make any progress [See background].

Commission sources stressed that several member states indicated before or during the meeting their support for the proposal while some had not yet decided on their position; a few indicated their intention to oppose.

According to the EU executive, glyphosate, whose licence ends at the end of 2017, will not be renewed without the necessary support from the member states.

Speaking to EURACTIV on the sidelines of the European Health Forum Gastein in Austria, Commissioner Andriukaitis stressed that without a qualified majority there will be no progress.


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