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segunda-feira, 23 de outubro de 2017

Czech tycoon Babiš to be named prime minister but may struggle to find partners

Andrej Babiš, Slovak billionaire and leader of the ANO movement, speaks next to his wife Monika, after the first results prognosis of Czech parliamentary elections at the ANO movement election event in Prague, Czech Republic, 21 October 2017.
[Filip Singer/EPA/EFE]
ANO won 29.6% of the vote at the weekend’s polls, nearly three times as much as its closest rival, but many parties expressed reluctance or rejected outright any coalition with it while Babiš fights off fraud charges.

Zeman said the charges were not an obstacle for Babiš – the second richest Czech who has been compared to other tycoons-turned-political leaders Donald Trump and Silvio Berlusconi – to become prime minister.

“My aim is that when I appoint the prime minister, and that will be Andrej Babiš, that there is certainty or at least high probability that this prime minister will be successful in a parliamentary vote of confidence,” Zeman said in a live interview on news website blesk.cz.

ANO will control 78 seats in the 200-seat lower house so still needs partners from the other eight factions to form a majority, but Babiš’s stance as an anti-establishment force has made it difficult to forge alliances.

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