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sexta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2017

Do everyday citizens care about renewable gas?

The virtues and shortcomings of renewable gas are being talked about more and more. But are people actually aware of it?
Renewable gas is being touted as a way for Europe to make natural gas supply greener, decarbonise the agricultural sector and utilise surplus renewable energy, which continues to be wasted as storage issues persist.

Sector representatives discussed the future of the gas industry at an annual conference organised by industry association Eurogas in Brussels on Friday (27 October) and the focus was on the prospects of renewable gas in Europe.

Eurogas CEO Klaus Schäfer welcomed the fact that “the EU is progressively recognising the role of gas in the energy transition. The topic of power-to-gas is also gaining traction.”

He added that making use of “quick wins” and using existing infrastructure and resources more efficiently could help the European Union smash its 2030 targets. Synthetic gas fits into this plan nicely, as it can be injected into existing grid systems.

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