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terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017

Food expert: There is a link between poverty and unhealthy diets

Dr Martin Caraher explained that food choices are massively influenced by factors like income, knowledge and skills.
[Martin Cathrae/Flickr]
It is a fact of life when you visit any grocery store: healthier food is more expensive. This has presented a problem for low-income families throughout the Western world.

Obesity rates and other health problems are on the rise among the poor, who are being pushed toward unhealthy diets by pricing.

Martin Caraher is a professor of food and health policy at the University of London, to see how governments and companies can get involved to address this problem.

He spoke to EURACTIV’s Dave Keating. 

You’ve done some interesting work on the connection between food and health policy, particularly when it comes to food poverty. What has your research told you about the degree to which food choices and health outcomes are connected? 

Food choices are massively influenced by income, though of course there are other factors at play like knowledge and skills.

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