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quarta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2017

Italy still opposes glyphosate but mulls five-year extension

MEP Paolo de Castro: "I am not on the same with the government on glyphosate."
“The position right now is no, but they [Italian government] are currently thinking about the time needed to adjust. So, they may support a 5-year extension,” a source close to the issue told EURACTIV at the Global Food Forum organised by think-tank Farm Europe in Treviso on Friday (19 October).

Maurizio Martina, who is Italy’s minister of agricultural, food and forestry policies, has publicly opposed the authorisation of the weedkiller. This position is in line with France.

The same source said that Martina’s stance on the issue is critical, as he is now the “number two” in the Democratic Party after Matteo Renzi, since becoming deputy secretary in May 2017.

Considering the media attention that glyphosate has attracted and ahead of the Italian election next year, the government in Rome wants to avoid giving the anti-establishment Five Star Movement room to electorally exploit the issue.

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